Polypropylene fiber (polypropylene, PP): polypropylene has good wear resistance and high elastic recovery rate. It is an excellent thermoplastic fiber. Polypropylene felt is commonly used in low-temperature pulse filter bags in smelting plants and pulse filter bags in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. in. Polypropylene accuracy range: 0.1-500 microns, the highest temperature is 94 degrees.
Polyester fiber (polyester, PE): Special polyester fiber has good performance at room temperature and is the Anti-Static Oil-proof Liquid PE Filter Bag Suppliersmain filter material in bag filters. It can withstand an operating temperature of 130 ° C under dry conditions; continuous work above 130 ° C will harden; discoloration; brittleness, and the temperature will also weaken its strength. Accuracy range: 1-300 microns.
Nylon wire mesh (NMO): Nylon wire mesh, also known as nylon mesh, nylon mesh, nylon mesh, is made of nylon 6 (PA6) monofilament by flexible rapier loom plain weave, dyeing (if required), heat Stereotyped treatment. It is made of chemical synthetic fibers and belongs to the polyamide series.

Nylon wire mesh has high strength, good wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance and elasticity. Due to the uniform wire diameter and smooth surface, the ink's passability is also excellent. The shortcoming is that the nylon mesh is more stretchable. This kind of screen has a reduced tension for a period of time after the screen is stretched, so that the screen printing plate is slack and the accuracy is reduced. Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards with high dimensional accuracy.
PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene): PTFE is a neutral polymer compound with a unique molecular structure, that is, a completely symmetrical structure. The special structure makes it have good thermal stability, chemical stability, insulation, lubricity, water resistance, etc. High temperature resistance, wide operating temperature range, can be used at 260 ℃ (long-term continuous use at high temperature, instantaneous temperature can reach 280 ℃; strong chemical stability, corrosion resistance; good self-lubricity, very low coefficient of friction, very little filter wear; PTFE The film's e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e78988e69d8331333365653833 surface tension is very low, with good non-stickiness and water repellency.
Stainless steel metal mesh: surface filtering, with very low flow resistance. The filter material adopts weaving methods: interwoven, twill and flax. The metal mesh filter material is suitable for oil suction filters in hydraulic and lubricating systems, or for coarse filtration of high-speed fluids, or for the safe filtration of coolant ...

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