How to distinguish what material the filter cloth is made of?


1. Look at bai. As far as the color of the filter cloth […]

1. Look at bai. As far as the color of the filter cloth is concerned, the large chemical fiber filter cloth is whitish and has good luster. The small chemical zhi fiber filter cloth is dark and gray, and some filter felts such as Nomex have a yellowish color. For the gloss of the filter cloth, the surface of the long-fiber filter cloth is smooth and shiny, and the surface of the short-fiber filter cloth is hairy. For the texture of the filter cloth, such as twill and plain weave, these textures can also help you determine the model.dust filter bag Suppliers



2. Touch. (Softness) Among them, short fibers such as 208,729 are as soft as plush cloth. 734, 747, 758, and 3927 are all woven from the same material, but they are different in thickness and density. 3927 is very rough, strong and not soft. The softness and roughness require you to hold the sample and touch it little by little. The corresponding filter cloth specifications have their own density coefficients, and you can roughly distinguish them by comparing them.

3. Weigh. The main purpose is to determine the thickness of the filter cloth, and it is best to weigh a small piece (gram weight per square meter).

4. Burn. Among them, the polyester fiber burns black smoke, and the polypropylene fiber burns blue.

The order is to first determine whether it is a woven fabric, then determine the material (polyester, polypropylene or what), and then make a rough judgment on the length and short fiber and the grain. Then according to the thickness, density and gram weight of the filter cloth, the model of the filter cloth is comprehensively determined.

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