Analysis of the structure and advantages of pleated filter bag knowledge


Dust filter bags are an important part of bag dust remo […]

Dust filter bags are an important part of bag dust removal, and there are many types of filter bags. Here we introduce the relevant knowledge of pleated filter bags.
First, let's understand the structure of the pleated filter bag:

1. Open. In the patent application, the aerodynamic design of the large flow opening generates an additional 30% of the cleaning energy.

2. ISEAL sealing ring. The flexible, gray EPDM material ensures simplicity and is fully compatible with top-mounted dust removal equipment (patent pending).

3. One-piece structure. A discounted cloth bag replaces a cloth bag plus cage frame, easy to replace.

4. Filter material. Compared with ordinary Spunbond, Ultra-Web®SB has a longer life, higher efficiency and lower pressure difference. In addition, it is resistant to chemicals and moisture, with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F/121°C.

5. Ellipse design. Contains bolted accessories.

6. Molded polyurethane upper end cap. For the top-mounted dust collector, the integrated mold forming structure eliminates potential leakage points on the flower plate. For bottom-mounted applications, the flexible polyurethane boot structure makes installation easier.

7. Banding. Adopt hot melt adhesive bonding method.

8. Pleated filter material. The pleated filter material increases the effective filter area compared with the cloth bag, and the even fold spacing improves the dust removal ability.

Compared with traditional filter bags, pleated filter bags have the following advantages:

1. Increase the filter area and reduce the pressure drop: A larger filter area is achieved on the same volume of dust collector, thereby increasing the filtering air volume. If the air volume remains the same but the filter area is increased, the filter wind speed will decrease, so that the pressure drop will decrease accordingly. Long-term stable operation with low pressure drop can reduce the energy consumption of the fan.

2. Reduce wear and increase service life: The length of the pleated filter bag is shorter than other fabric filter bags, which allows a larger settlement space in the original dust collector, which can reduce the chance of wear. The service life of the pleated filter bag is 2-3 times longer than that of a general 16-ounce (0.45kg) polyester fiber cloth bag.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction, high cost performance: the average pleat distance effectively improves the efficiency of dust removal and saves the amount of compressed air used for back blowing. Installation and replacement of pleated filter bags are simple and easy to operate, greatly saving labor costs and higher cost performance.

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