Changing Vacuum Bags and Filters


Everyone has been there, you're working overtime on cle […]

Everyone has been there, you're working overtime on cleaning up your house before a big party or before your parents come over and your Miele vacuum cleanerroll filter cloth Comapny stops working, or at least it stops working correctly. Or perhaps worst of all, it creates that terrible smoky, burning smell that permeates the house or apartment. There are ways to maintain your Miele vacuum that can help prevent all of these things from happening. Thankfully they're all very simple.


The first thing you should do when things like the aforementioned problems happen is check the bag. If your Miele or Sebo vacuum cleaner is a bag model it is likely this is the culprit of all the problems. Even if the bag is only one third full it can cause your vacuum to work harder than it should. The air needs to be suctioned into the bag easily. If there is hard packed dust, dirt, and debris in the way, the vacuum will suck too hard and cause that burning smell that everyone wants to avoid. So check the bag before each use. If it is one third or one half full you should change it before running the vacuum. Also be sure that you are using the correct size of bag. Check the manual and manufacturer's instructions to make sure you're using the correct type and size.

You should also clean your roll brush regularly. Taking off the brush (after you've unplugged the vacuum cleaner of course) and lubricating and cleaning the ball bearings can help your Miele vacuum run more smoothly. Most of the time this is possible to do without tools as the brush snaps in and out but again you should check the instruction manual. Be sure to remove any strands of hair or debris that are wrapped around the cylinder.

The filter is sometimes tricky. While it does not need replacing nearly as often as the bag it does need to be cleaned between replacements. If the filter on your Miele vacuum is foam or plastic, it is likely you can simply rinse it in the sink. Be sure that it is completely dry before you insert it back into the vacuum cleaner. If the filter cannot be washed, as is the case with most paper or cloth filters, simply knock the dust and debris off of it between replacements. The filter should be changed every six months or so but again you should check the instructions to make sure this is correct with your particular vacuum cleaner.

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