Chemical materials and filter cloth materials


(1) According to the chemical and physical properties o […]

(1) According to the chemical and physical properties of the material, select the material of the filter cloth. Each filter cloth supplier provides detailed technical information as far as possible, and can refer to the selection.China press filter cloth manufacturers

(2) Select the permeability (maximum cut-off particle size) of the filter cloth according to the requirements of filtration accuracy. You can refer to the technical parameters such as the maximum cut-off particle size provided by the filter cloth supplier for preliminary selection. Although the filter cloth plays an important role in the initial filtration accuracy of the filter press, the initial filtration accuracy is not as high as possible. It should be considered that the filtration accuracy can meet the minimum requirements. After the filter press forms a filter layer after filtering for a period of time, the retention effect of the filter cloth is very small. The real "filter layer" that plays the role of fine filtration is the key to the use of filter press technology.


(3) Peeling performance of filter cake. When choosing the filter cloth, pay special attention to the peeling performance of the filter cake. The surface of the filter cloth is smooth and flat, the filter cake peels off quickly, the time of thorough filtering operation is short, and the efficiency is high. The filter cake sticking to the filter cloth is not easy to peel, which will prolong the operation time of the filter press and reduce the work efficiency. If you want to change the filter cloth, the time will be more. Nowadays, the commonly used chamber filter press is troublesome to replace the filter cloth. The monofilament filter cloth is better than the long multifilament and short fiber filter cloth for cake removal, and the satin weave is better than the plain weave filter cloth for cake removal.

(4) The regeneration performance of the filter cloth. When choosing the filter cloth, pay attention to the filter cloth with good regeneration performance. Filter cloth with good regeneration performance The filter cloth can be washed directly on the filter press to reduce the number of cloth changes. After a simple treatment (drying, washing, etc.), the filter efficiency of the replacement filter is restored to more than 80%.

(5) Filtration experiment of materials. The technology of filter press is an experimental technique. After the initial selection of filter cloths, it is very important to carry out filtration experiments on the original materials (without changing the material properties and process conditions). Perform a small sample experiment on the filtration of materials. Investigate the filtration rate, retention effect, filter cake moisture content, cake unloading performance, regeneration performance, etc.

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