Choosing Filter Cloth Manufacturers Wisely


The most important question to consider when choosing f […]

The most important question to consider when choosing filter cloth manufacturers for your filtration system is: what type of environment are you using it in? There are two types: air and liquid. Whether you are looking to extract product from your airstream or counteract a highly viscous flow, knowing the main types of filtration will help you decide the kind of application you want to apply. Also, having this knowledge can also help you make a few extra dollars.

Air Filtration

The most common objectives for air filtration are purification and recovery of product. These objectives can also be combined depending on the kind of application. For example, a power plant needs to collect fly ash and a smelting plant wants to recover valuable dust, which is usable as an aggregate in other metals. Both these places also want to keep clean air flowing through their facilities. So, in this case, using a dual application filter cloth in the filtration process would be ideal.

Other industries, such as a grocer, might want to conserve electricity by installing a cloth in each duct throughout their stores. They will save money by not having to hire a duct cleaning company every month.

Liquid Filtration

There are three main applications for liquid filtration: refining a product, clarifying the filtrate, and product recovery. A cloth from a qualified filter cloth manufacturer allows for liquid filtering that will prevent solids from passing through a liquid supply. Other features include promoting steady flow, preventing filters from "caking," and a greater resistance against clogging and plugging. In processes that require product recovery, different gauges of cloth may be required depending on the size and strength of the product. Catching softer metals, such as gold, may require a thicker material whereas a highly viscous substance, like oil, would need a lighter material.

Dual Processes

Almost all filtration systems have a dualistic function. Some element goes in, some of the element gets trapped, and through the other end, comes some sort of byproduct. Many businesses have come to this realization and have turned their systems into profit. For instance, the electric company can catch fly ash and sell the product to a cement maker because fly ash is one of the main elements needed to make strong cement. Exploring what kind of duality you can get out of your cloth filter can ultimately help fatten your bank account.

Choosing a filter cloth manufacturer depends a lot on the kind of application you need the filter for. A good salesperson should ask you right away what kind of job you are performing, but just in case they fail to do that, keep in mind that there are two main applications: air and liquid. You will need to clarify this information before buying your materials in order to successfully complete the job the best, and potentially, most profitable way.

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