Common application problems in the filtration industry


Common application problems in the industry   1 When to […]

Common application problems in the industry

  1 When to replace the filter bag?

  In practical application, there are two ways to judge when to replace the filter bag:

   1.1 Roughly determine the replacement time based on experience.Air Filter Non Woven Fabrics company

1.2 There are pressure gauges installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter. The pressure difference displayed by the front and rear pressure gauges determines the time to replace the filter bag. The pressure difference that the filter bag can withstand is about 0.5~1kg/cm2 When the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the filter bag from rupturing and affecting the filtering effect.




  2 Progressive filtering

  Bag filter can be installed in series to realize step-by-step filtration.

  If installed at the front end of the filter used for high-precision filtration, the filtration cost can be greatly reduced. It is also possible to combine sand filtration and other filtration methods with bag filtration to further improve the filtration quality and reduce the consumption cost of the filter bag.

  Combining self-cleaning machine, centrifugal and bag filter, we can use it alone or in series with other principles of filter to achieve the desired effect.

  3 How to achieve uninterrupted filtering?

  Bag filter can be installed in parallel to ensure the continuity of filtration, or increase the flow rate. Install in parallel as shown in the figure, and replace the filter bags alternately to maintain continuous filtration.

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