Distribution-type importance


mportant selection, important process during the curren […]

mportant selection, important process during the current process, rational selection of the distribution, direct effect, speed of the actual effect, the basics of the application Properties required, combined distribution (permeability or permeability), identification (maximum distribution minimum pore diameter and total porosity), service life (anti-strength stretching ratio), distribution composition editing method, Chemical performanceChina Polypropylene Filter Cloths Suppliers
1 、 Corresponding size, size, size, size, distribution, etc. of the main selection, size, pore size, water permeability, etc.
2 、 Applications of different materials, general distribution, general extension of service life, service life of pH 4 ~ 8, environment use, service pH of service 5 ~ Used in 8.5 environments.
3, the basic pressure of the large and small selections are not distributed.
4. Two types of distribution over the near future, the application of this consideration.

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