How to deal with the filter bag replaced by the bag filter?


The old filter bag of the bag filter is attached to a l […]

The old filter bag of the bag filter is attached to a lot of dust because of its main dust filtering device. After replacement, some can be cleaned and repaired for secondary use instead of being used. It needs to be disposed of properly. If it is not handled properly, Will cause secondary pollution, there are three general treatment methods:sludge filter bags suppliers
1. After the waste filter bag is recovered and cleaned, it is returned to the furnace for melting and drawing; it is remade into fibers and recycled. However, this method will encounter two problems in actual operation. One is the problem of collection and transportation, because the number of waste filter bags is large and the dust is large, and it is necessary to prevent environmental pollution during recycling and transportation. The second is the problem of cleaning. The replaced waste filter bag needs to be cleaned separately because of the different types of filtering dust. For some toxic and harmful dust treatment, we must also pay attention to the problem of sewage sludge treatment, so the cleaning is also relatively Trouble, advanced technology and corresponding supporting facilities are needed to complete it.
2. Incineration, which is now used by many manufacturers, and can minimize the pollution caused by waste filter bags. Although secondary pollution may occur during the incineration process, reduction, volume reduction and stabilization can be achieved after incineration. After the waste filter bag is incinerated, the organic synthetic fiber will become CO2 and H2O, and the glass fiber filter bag will be converted into SiO2, etc. after being incinerated at high temperature, thereby achieving harmlessness.
3. In-situ landfill. This method is suitable for some manufacturers that filter harmless substances, such as cement plants and boiler plants. Because the filtered dust is ordinary dust, landfill is not only easy to handle, but also low in cost. The first choice of manufacturers.
In short, when fabric bag dust collector manufacturers deal with replaced waste filter bags, on the one hand, they must consider the disposal cost, and also consider some pollution situations that may be caused by the disposal method. According to the actual situation, the method that is most suitable for us is the most suitable. Ok. If you have other problems with the dust collector, you can find Henan Hongtai Environmental Protection

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