How to install filter bag for electric bag composite dust collector?


The filter bag is the core component of the electric ba […]

The filter bag is the core component of the electric bag composite dust collector, and it is also the most expensive equipment in the electric bag composite dust collector. The filter bag has problems such as oxidation and moisture in the air environment, so the installation of the filter bagChina Polypropylene Filter Cloths Suppliers should be as close as possible to the official furnace. The arrival time of the filter bag and the bag cage is generally one month before the official furnace, usually arranged in the boiler Start the installation after the furnace blowpipe is finished.
1. Prerequisites for filter bag installation

1.1 After the internal steel structure of the electric bag composite dust collector is installed and checked, it is determined that there will be no open flame operations such as gas cutting and welding after the filter bag is installed, otherwise the open flame construction will easily burn the filter bag.


1.2 The pipes of the dust removal system are cleaned with compressed air to prevent the debris in the pipes from being blown into the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.

1.3 Arrange to install the filter bag after the boiler drying, pipe flushing and other processes, so as to avoid a large amount of

Low temperature, high humidity, and high oily fume stick to the dirty bag, which makes it difficult to remove the filter bag pores and increases resistance.

1.4 The filter bag pre-coating conditions are available, that is, the flue system has been connected, the fan can start and stop normally, and the fly ash and ashing equipment are ready.

1.5 The compressed air path is unobstructed, the lift valve and bypass valve can move up and down smoothly, and the low pressure system of the bag area can work normally.

1.6 Clean the inside of the clean air chamber, and pay special attention to the oily dust on the edge of the flower plate hole.

The above requirements must be confirmed by the owner, the supervisor and the on-site worker before the installation of the filter bag.

2. On-site handling, lifting and stacking requirements of filter bags

2.1 Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent damage to the filter bag during on-site handling, lifting and stacking.

2.2 When lifting the filter bag, it is strictly forbidden to tie it with metal objects, and the lifting process should be stable to prevent loosening at high altitude.

2.3 The amount of filter bags out of the warehouse should be the same as the installation amount on the day. The site where the filter bags are stacked must be dry and flat, and have fire and rain conditions.

3. Requirements for installers of filter bags and cages

The unit price of filter bags is high and easy to damage, and the installation requirements are high. The number of spare parts for filter bags and bag cages is small, and the procurement cycle is long. Therefore, it is required to select serious, meticulous and responsible personnel for installation. Before installing filter bags and bag cages, relevant construction personnel should be organized for training before they can work.

4. Installation method of filter bag

4.1 Put the protective sleeve into the hole of the flower plate (the special protective sleeve provided by the filter bag manufacturer must be used during installation), and the fabric of the protective cover must surround the edge of the plate hole in a full circle.

4.2 The whole box of filter bag enters the clean air chamber and then unsealed, then disassemble the outer packaging film of the filter bag, and then make the bottom of the bag enter the sheathed flower plate hole first. Slowly put down the filter bag and take it out after the bag mouth reaches the flower plate hole jacket. Note: Direct collision between the filter bag and rough steel structure parts is not allowed. If the whole box cannot be moved into the clean air chamber, the easy-to-touch area of ​​the filter bag transfer process should be lined with a smooth soft material. The surface of the filter bag is strictly prohibited to collide with the steel structure water chestnut at will.

4.3 After carefully taking out the sheath, bend the elastic ring of the filter bag with both hands, align the groove of the outer bag mouth with the edge of the flower plate hole (preferably the seam of the bag mouth should first contact the flower plate hole), evenly contact and play back gradually, the bag ring Attach tightly to the pattern plate and evenly tension. If you can't stick to the pattern plate at the final playback, you can use a rubber hammer to gently tap the periphery to tension. Note: After installation, check whether the groove of the filter bag mouth is undercut tight.

4.4 After installing up to three rows of filter bags, the bag cage must be installed immediately to prevent your feet from stepping on the mouth of the filter bag.

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