Quality Filter Cloths Make for a Better Product and Cleaner Equipment


Filter cloths are much like the air filters we have in […]

Filter cloths are much like the air filters we have in our homes, except they are used in machinery during the manufacturing of a product. Just like the ones you use in your home, they are designed to catch particles and other things that shouldn't make it through. In the case of your home, it's the air that is circulated. It's important to not have allergens or dust that could cause your HVAC system to work harder, causing increased energy bills as well as possible respiratory problems. In a manufacturing process, they are used to trap the solids and other fine particles that shouldn't contaminate your final product.China Polypropylene Filter Cloths Suppliers

The type of material used for the filter cloth will depend on the final product and the equipment used. Materials include polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polyester and Rilsan. Some manufacturers may have special processes that require other materials such as Kynar or PET.

Some filter cloths have finished sewn edges and some are finished with grommets. There are many other design choices. Again, the process where it is being used largely determines the type of design that is needed.

When searching for a provider of filter cloths, you will want to see what sizes and styles are readily available, as opposed to being specially made or ordered. You can factor this into your manufacturing process to ensure you will always have the supply you need.

Most companies can accommodate custom products designed especially for your process. Talk with a company that has an experienced team that will take the time to understand your needs for a specific material, design, finish or any other feature.

Shipping, Returns, Guarantees
When working with a filter cloth company, find out their policies on shipping, returning products, or guarantees. If the product doesn't fit, how easy is it to return and/or get the right size? What is the standard shipping service for the company, and how long is their handling time? How long should the filter last? If it doesn't last that long, how is that addressed?

Using appropriate filter cloths not only improves the quality of your product, but your equipment will run better and last longer when it is not being filled up with dust, dirt or other foreign objects. This translates in more efficient production, less cost to maintain equipment, and less cost to the buyer.

Filter cloths might not be something used by the everyday consumer, but all of us benefit from companies that take the time to utilize quality materials in the production of the items we do use everyday.

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