Selected oil quality required 4 reference properties


We need the assistance of oil filter paper in many aspe […]

We need the assistance of oil filter paper in many aspects of industrial production. Although it is not a high-tech product, small filter paper has an important impact on our entire production process.China press filter cloth manufacturers

We must understand each parameter in detail when choosing a product to avoid selecting the wrong product and affecting the production quality.



1. Hardness: The filter paper will become wet during filtration. Some long-term filtration test steps should consider the use of tougher filter paper after wet water.


2. Filtration efficiency: The density and size of the water-permeable pores on the filter paper affect its filtration efficiency. The high-efficiency filter paper has a fast filtering speed and a high resolution.

3. Capacity: The solid particles accumulated during filtration may block the pores on the filter paper. Therefore, the denser the water-permeable pores, the higher the capacity and the more filtration is allowed.

4. Applicability: Some oil filter papers are completed by special manufacturing steps. For example, for the determination of the nitrogen content in blood in the inspection medicine, nitrogen-free filter paper must be used.

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