Some things you should know about polyester filter cloth!


Some things you should know about polyester filter clot […]

Some things you should know about polyester filter cloth!

There are many materials for making filter cloth, and today we will talk about one of them. Polyester filter cloth refers to a filter material made of polyester fiber. Polyester filter cloth is divided into polyester long fiber filter PP Waterproof Filter Press Clothcloth and polyester staple fiber filter cloth. Polyester filter cloth is made of polyester with high strength, good impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good light resistance (second only to acrylic), 1000 hours of exposure, strength retention 60-70% , The moisture absorption is very poor, the dyeing is difficult, the fabric is easy to wash and dry, and the shape retention is good.

Knowledge about polyester filter cloth:

1. Physical properties: temperature resistance 80-100℃, instantaneous temperature up to 130℃

2. Chemical properties: strong acid and weak base

3. Classification of polyester filter bags

Cement mill: ordinary polyester needle felt, polyester easy-cleaning needle felt (smoothness is better than ordinary, worse than film), waterproof and oil-proof needle felt (ie 2 anti-condensation needle felt), polyester covered Membrane needle felt

Coal mill: polyester anti-static needle felt, polyester blended anti-static needle felt, polyester three-proof needle felt (waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static), polyester three-proof coated needle felt, polyester mixed guide waterproof and oil-proof needle felt , Polyester mixed guide film coated needle felt;

Mixed conduction: the conductive fiber is broken and mixed with other fibers, the mixed conduction has good antistatic effect

4. The difference between film and ordinary

Ordinary: The inner layer of fiber is filtered, dust enters the interior, it is easy to block, and the service life is short

Coating: surface filtration, dirty surface, clean interior, advantages: high filtration accuracy, smooth and easy to clean dust, waterproof, oil-proof and corrosion-resistant, long service life, additional: labor saving, time saving, power saving, disadvantages: poor air permeability; more The thicker the breathability, the better the membrane

5. Post-treatment: singeing, calendering, PTFE impregnation (enhanced corrosion resistance), heat setting (to make temperature resistance better)

6. The weight of the cloth: the weight per square meter, such as 500g/㎡±5%, thickness 1.6-1.7mm; 550g/㎡±5%, thickness 1.7-1.8mm, thickening filter with high precision, good dust removal effect, and air permeability The sex is small but does not affect production.

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