Summary of the performance of filter cloth materials


Use performance of filter cloth material The selection […]

Use performance of filter cloth material

The selection of filter cloth raw materials should be tested according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the user's filter material, as well as the stretching and pressure of the filter cloth applied by the filter equipment. At present, most of the filter cloths used in various industries are synthetic fiber raw materials, mainly polyester, polypropylene, cotton, vinylon and so on. Table 4 shows the physical and chemical properties of commonly used filter cloth materials.China Needle Punched Felt Suppliers


From the comparison in the table, we can see that the automatic vertical filter press should use polyester and polypropylene raw materials. Among them, polyester filter cloth should be preferred under acidic and weak alkaline conditions, because polyester filter cloth has a small elongation under a larger tensile force, and has good wear resistance. Use polypropylene filter cloth under strong alkali conditions. Filter cloth of nylon, vinylon and other materials should only be selected under other special industrial and mining conditions.

According to the factory's many years of experience in configuring filter cloth for the automatic vertical filter press, the filter cloth has great complexity and uncertainty in the use of the machine. When configuring filter cloth for the filter, many factors such as filter equipment, filter material and working environment must be considered to determine the raw material structure, pattern structure and fabric density of the filter cloth. It can reach or approach the ideal state in many aspects such as filtering effect and service life. After continuous research and improvement, our company's industrial filter cloth products can now replace most of the imported products. According to different use environments, professionally research and develop filter cloths with different organization and air permeability, which greatly improves the filtering effect and prolongs the service life, so that the product deformation is less than 1%, and the service life is more than three months longer than similar domestic products.

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