The use of industrial filter cloth in cement plants


Industrial filter cloth is divided into materials: poly […]

Industrial filter cloth is divided into materials: polyester, polypropylene, nylon, polyester cotton, vinylon, aramid, etc., which can be adapted to the filtration of various acidic and alkaline materials and use at room temperature or high temperature. From the raw material: Yes High-strength yarn, short fiber, single fiber, textured yarn, etc., suitable for filter press, vacuum suction filter, centrifugal filterChina press filter cloth manufacturers, belt filter, etc., are widely used in chemical industry, smelting, sugar, ceramics, mineral processing, Ideal filter media for environmental protection, instrumentation, electroplating and other industries.


  Industrial filter cloth is mainly used as a supporting product for air chute and storage hopper, used for conveying dry powdery materials. Industrial filter cloth is widely used for horizontal transportation and silo boiling in cement, thermal power plants, alumina, carbon black, alumina, soda ash, gypsum, flour and other industries.
  I believe that in the near future, industrial filter cloth will better serve our production and life!

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