These conditions can not be ignored when choosing high temperature dust bag


There are room temperature type and high temperature ty […]

There are room temperature type and high temperature type dust bag. The reasonable choice of dust bag is also one of the key factors that affect the dust removal effect of the bag dust collector.

Dust removal filter bags operate at room temperature and only need to face the problem of humidity. Usually, it is relatively simple as long as it prevents open water from entering the dust removal system. For high-temperature flue gas dust removal, it is necessary to control the temperature of the flue gas too high to prevent the dust filter bag from being burned, and also to control the temperature too low to prevent the corrosion of the flue gas condensation, so the choice of high-temperature dust bag needs to pay attention.2 Micron Filter Cloths suppliers

In the process of dust removal and purification of dusty flue gas, as long as the temperature resistance of the dust filter bag allows, the temperature of the flue gas should be as high as possible in order to ensure that the inside of the filter bag dust collector is kept dry and the dust removal is carried out normally, thereby creating Good operating conditions. Therefore, the development of heat-resistant dust filter bags is really important, and the current glass fiber dust filter bags have this advantage.



When purifying high-temperature flue gas, the operating temperature should be controlled within the allowable range of the dust filter bag according to the heat resistance of the dust filter bag, flue gas composition, etc., because the temperature is too low may cause condensation, too high will make the dust filter bag too Early aging, in addition, the situation of instantaneous sharp temperature increase should be avoided. The environmental protection industry has regulations that the temperature of the flue gas should be controlled below 250 ° C after the flue gas temperature of the boiler and the waste heat of the flue gas recovered by the waste heat boiler. The flue gas temperature in the design is subject to the dew point inside the dust collector. The temperature of the high-temperature gas filtration process is preferably between 200 and 250 ° C. Filtration within this temperature range will achieve a satisfactory dust removal effect.

The working temperature of filter dust removal is high, the air volume is small, and the equipment is simple. It is easier to avoid the cooling and condensation of flue gas. Determining the proper working temperature for flue gas dedusting is very necessary to maintain good filter conditions and prolong the life of dedusting filter bags. Moreover, the strength of various dedusting filter bags varies with factors such as temperature, humidity, and operating time.

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