What are the characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh filter bags?


The stainless steel wire mesh filter bag refers to a ba […]

The stainless steel wire mesh filter bag refers to a bag made by cutting and processing the corresponding size of regularly arranged nets made of stainless steel wire or plate and other stainless steel materials. Common materials used for liquid filtration are 304 and 316L. The main difference between the two is that the content of chromium and nickel is different. The stainless steel filter bag is used with a stainless steel ring mouth. After being rolled into a wavy mesh shape, it crosses and overlaps each other at the correct angle. The multi-layer folding expansion is arranged with different densities and pore diameters from thick to thin, so that the object changes the flow direction many times when passing through, increasing its efficiency.China filter press filter cloth wholesales

The stainless steel wire mesh filter bag has high strength and will not be deformed due to pressure changes. The monofilament weave constitutes a smooth surface, which is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. It is also suitable for liquid filtration with a high amount of impurities including 7a686964616fe58685e5aeb931333365666137. Large volume, low initial resistance, strong fire resistance; long service life, economical and reliable, low operating cost; lightweight plate structure, easy to replace and safe, convenient for users to operate; galvanized frame and aluminum alloy outer frame are available; according to Customized non-standard size equipment according to user requirements.

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