What are the requirements for the use of grinder filter paper?


How to choose industrial filter paper (filter cloth) At […]

How to choose industrial filter paper (filter cloth)

At present, there are many filter papers (filter cloths) on the market. The filter papers (filter cloths) used in industrial liquid filtration are mainly made of PET and PP. And if different materials or different processing technology conditions are used, even if the unit weight of the filter paper (filter cloth) is the same, the displayed filtration accuracy will be very different.


So how do users choose a filter cloth? Consider from the following aspects:

1. First, you need to confirm that the operating conditions include the solid-liquid composition of the filtration object, the filtration pressure difference, the temperature of the filtration liquid, the amount of filtration per unit time, the principle of the filtration equipment, and the mechanical strength of the filter cloth.China Sludge Filter Bags Wholesales


2. Secondly, it is necessary to determine what kind of filter material is currently used on the filtering equipment, such as: whether there is a uniform rolling point, the thickness, the unit weight, and what are the problems during use (whether there are many foams,

Whether it is easy to tear, whether the flow is insufficient, whether the filtering accuracy is insufficient, etc.). If you ca n’t describe it, you can mention

Provide samples for technicians to analyze, or technicians can go to the scene to investigate;

3. Then, the determination of filtration accuracy: The filtration accuracy is a relatively accurate concept, but the pore size distribution of the filter paper is a relatively random distribution. In order to determine the accuracy, it is usually measured by the relevant pore size test provided by the filter cloth supplier. Then determine according to its own operating conditions.

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