What kinds of filter cloths for plate and frame filter press?


1. Filter cloth of plate and frame filter press:  Commo […]

1. Filter cloth of plate and frame filter press:  Common name: filter cloth of plate and frame filter press, filter cloth of filter press, filter cloth of chamber filter press Material: polyester, vinylon, polypropylene, nylon Product introduction: product adoption list The silk is woven by a shuttleless rapier loom, and is calendered on both sides by hot melt.


The product has a smooth surface, good abrasion resistance, strong water permeability, convenient stripping, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, oxidation resistance and resistance Characteristics of high temperature. Application range: This product is mainly used for the supporting use of solid and liquid separation such as van, plate and frame filter press in mining, metallurgy, food, medicine, chemical, coal and sewage treatment industries. 2. Characteristics and selection of filter cloth for filter China Liquid Filter Bags Manufacturerspress: Polyester filter cloth: strong acid resistance/alkali and weak alkali/strong abrasion resistance/heat resistance 170 °C; nylon filter cloth: poor acid resistance/alkali resistance Good/strong abrasion resistance/heat resistance 130 °C Polypropylene filter cloth: good acid resistance/strong alkali resistance/good abrasion resistance/heat resistance 90 °C Vinylon filter cloth: poor acid resistance/strong alkali resistance/resistant Good abrasiveness/heat resistance 100 °C

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