Regeneration efficiency of filter cloth


The regeneration efficiency of the filter cloth During […]

The regeneration efficiency of the filter cloth During the filtering process, the filter cloth needs to be used repeatedly. Generally speaking, the resistance of the filter cloth at the beginning of use is relatively small, and as the use time extends, part of the pores of the filter cloth are blocked by solid particles, which increases the filtering resistance and reduces the filtration rate. At this time, the filter cloth needs to be regenerated. No matter what kind of regeneration method is adopted, the regenerated filter cloth cannot fully restore the original performance, which has the problem of regeneration efficiency. Because the regenerated filter cloth has a "regeneration performance stable period", in production, the actual filtration rate of the equipment is the rate when the filter cloth enters the "regeneration performance stable period". Therefore, in the selection of filter cloth, the filter cloth with good regeneration performance should be considered under the premise of meeting the filtration accuracy specified in the production.China filter press filter cloth factory



The regeneration performance of the filter cloth is related to the material, fiber length and weave of the filter cloth. Generally speaking, the regeneration performance of monofilament filter cloth is the best; the second is long multifilament filter cloth; short fiber filter cloth is the worst, plain weave filter cloth with dense structure, and canvas filter cloth have poor regeneration performance; twill and satin weave The filter cloth has good regeneration performance.

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